1. Fall Right Now


Up to my place four flights of stairs
Got up fast took them in pairs
I'm out of breath now from the climb
Or is that you stuck in my mind
I'm in trouble yes I'm screwed
Got to calm down I'll clean my room
Can't sweep the floor don't own a broom
Can't watch TV should pay that bill
Where's my head thoughts on you still
Here we go

I can't fall right now this I know for sure
See I can't fall right now though I know your motives are pure
It's not my rotten past or issues to work through
It's just I can't fall right now even over you

I couldn't catch my breath for long
So I wrote you this second song
I'll send an email with the file
And you can listen as I dial your number
For the ninth time... today
It's just that I can't get enough
Play hard to get I'll call your bluff, then
In your room tensions will rise
Hold your breath I'll close my eyes
Here we go

You can't fall right now you've made it loud and clear that
You can't fall right now but tell me how'd we end up here?
Though I'm tempted to I can clearly see
That you can't fall right now even over me
Even over me

Falling's hard
You'll get sore
I wake up
Wanting more

Ok I'll fall right now what I've got to lose?
Today I'll fall right now babe you've got to choose
Can't stand any longer to far too puruse
Yes I'll fall right now over you