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Introducing The Empty Pockets

Americana quartet The Empty Pockets play a soulful, 70’s-inspired blend of exploratory grooves, shifting time signatures and distinctive vocals. After earning their first Billboard #1 with the acclaimed 2022 release of Outside Spectrum (topping the Blues Albums Chart), Chicago Roots Rock band The Empty Pockets are back on the road with a new full length album in the works. The husband and wife fronted quartet are at the peak of their musical skills.

The Empty Pockets are a live band at heart, and it shows. 

The Empty Pockets come prepared to hook your ears. Their wily tunes ooze industrious spirit, imagination and heart with tight and gritty Americana rhythms.”

— The Big Takeover

...a talented band who continue to operate at the top of their game.”

— Plastic Magazine

They’re not limiting themselves based on creative wits, but instead getting all the more creative with their sound because of their willingness to make something familiar feel original again.”

— Pulse Music



Booking - Adam Davis, Paradise Artists

Management - David Spero


Will's Place Skokie provides meaningful employment to adults with disabilities

Will is our biggest fan (and also band member Josh's younger brother)

But this world isn't always designed for people like Will who have a disability.

That's why The Empty Pockets are excited to announce our partnership with Will's Place; a Skokie, Illinois-based café offering a chef-driven, ingredient-focused sandwich menu while providing employment opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities.

Will's Place is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a positive, safe, and inclusive workspace for a portion of our population that too often gets overlooked in the job market.