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“Polished yet rootsy Chicago outfit Empty Pockets” (Rolling Stone) showcases multiple lead singers, rich harmonies, skilled instrumentalists, and an old-school sensibility built on Americana, Blues and Soul. 

"Because when The Empty Pockets play, they don’t just go through the motions of belting out tunes and revving their guitars to impress you – their performances are offset with a vibrancy and a sort of energetic showmanship so that space and distance don’t matter in the end – rather it’s more of which of their carefully crafted songs will strike a chord within you first." (AMDEntertainment.com)

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Our boldest and most ambitious work to date, "Voices" is a collaborative album that goes places we never have before. It's the Americana Roots Rock you've come to know and love, infused with a healthy dose of exploration and a musical story we can't wait to share with the world. 

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